Our Mission

Bitcoin True is on a mission to establish a lasting legacy in the realms of news and content creation, with an unwavering commitment to exploring every facet of the crypto, gaming, and metaverse industries. Our dedicated team works tirelessly, day and night, fueled by the conviction that cryptocurrencies wield a transformative and positive influence on both the digital and physical spheres. We firmly believe that crypto has not only ignited but will continue to fuel innovation, creativity, and empowerment within our society and culture.

Driven by the pursuit of excellence, we refuse to rest until we stand as unparalleled leaders in delivering cutting-edge news and profound insights into the latest developments in the crypto, gaming, and metaverse landscapes. Our ambition extends beyond mere reportage; we aspire to make a tangible impact on the crypto space and assume the role of ambassadors for this groundbreaking technology.

In our initial three years, Bitcoin True has evolved into a prominent curator of crypto news, earning a reputation as a frontrunner in the industry. However, our journey doesn’t culminate in mere leadership; our ultimate objective is to wield influence in a manner that substantively shapes the crypto space and positions us as stalwarts of the technology.

At Bitcoin True, we find ourselves at the forefront of the Web3 revolution, a transformative movement steering us toward a decentralized era of the internet. Our strategic positioning allows us to uncover the intricacies of relevant projects and spotlight the visionaries propelling us into a more permissionless digital world. As astute artists, creators, project managers, developers, writers, and dedicated Web3 investors, our collective perspective is grounded in passion, driving us to contribute significantly to the cultivation of a healthy and flourishing Web3 ecosystem.

Our commitment goes beyond mere observation; we actively engage with the ongoing revolution. With a diverse team boasting expertise across various domains, we are well-equipped to navigate the complex landscape of Web3. As enthusiastic investors, we don’t just analyze projects; we actively participate and invest in those we believe will shape the future.

Our dedication to the Web3 revolution stems from a genuine passion for change and a profound understanding of the transformative potential it holds. By leveraging our collective skills and experiences, we aim not only to witness but to actively contribute to the evolution of a decentralized internet era.